Today is a sad day.

I lost my samsung S4.

It’s new, it’s expensive and it’s not insured.

It’s also filled with all my street photos from the last month, voice recordings and contacts.

Without it i am cut off from instagram and in exile from all my cool apps (bye bye photogrid) that i play with when i am alone or bored or don’t want to be alone.

i am forever lost to Facebook updates from WiFI cafes and won’t ever be able to Skype someone while ordering food and ignoring the scenery.

No more self indulgent selfies or updates from enviable locations. (so many Facebook friends are uttering a sigh of relief)

So yes today is a sad day because it makes me very sad to think i shed  tears over a piece of metal who’s only survival value is, when signal is lost or the battery dead, is to club yourself over the head for sheer stupidity.

Am i really less connected ? more isolated? without resources?

How will i make a booking? remember a telephone number or address? find the cheapest/fastest/best way to get from A to B?

How sad to feel loss or lost because i left my phone behind in the bathroom.

Looks like i need to find more than just a replacement phone.

 am used 🙁

pic: Imperial palace, HUE







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