You’ve got to love the entrepreneurial spirit. (Well you don’t but I do).

The dreamer, the schemer, the uncompromising spirit that tacks on “WHY?” to every rational argument you throw their way, no matter how small their idea or big the challenges they will probably face (you can put a percentage to that probability).

WHY can’t I cover my restaurant wall in in personalised Post It notes? (Hanoi, Vietnam)


WHY can’t I turn a simple machine into a working tractor but also a taxi for tourists? (Bolaven Plateau, Laos)


WHY can’t I take old, discarded bus seats and turn them into seating at the bus station? (Pakse, Laos)


WHY can’t I turn my piece of pavement into a massage parlour….

DSC04073…or an camper van into a street bar? (both Bangkok, Thailand)



I admire their doggered determination and their uncomfortable logic (why do we find such comfort in logic anyway?) that squats alongside the MAN with his 5-year PLAN.

To you I say THANK YOU…. for keeping the creative spirit alive and for kicking sand in the face of the big bully who scares the rest of us into conformity.

Here’s a small nod to the young girls at Pakse Bus Station who can’t see WHY they shouldn’t turn it into a beauty parlour. 


laos-pakse bus parlour from cat pritchard on Vimeo.

Musing on a pad thai provided by a pavement entrepreneur. 

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