What do you mean

Error 404?

All I did was click on a link

Like they told me

So why are you blocking my way

pretending to be a helpful message

shouting at me in that hideous font

just another gate keeper

hating on my freedom

telling me I am lost

Not Found

That I have taken a wrong turn

403 to be exact

to arrive here

which is nowhere

just a holding slide


not a hand written sign on a shop front

that used to be open

now closed

find us online


















You can’t put this on me

Error 404

This is your error

not mine

It is your backend that refuses to speak to my frontend

How dare you lead me into this cul de sac

And abandon me here

What am I supposed to do now?

I have nowhere else to go

I was told that I would get answers




But now I have reached a dead end

And it makes me feel anxious



By this great global


Or so I thought

Was I mistaken?

Was the error all mine?

Was I stupid to believe that every window would always open

On another

That we could always connect

To something bigger

than ourselves


















I hear what you mean to

tell me Error 404

How stupid of me

To give over my power

To some myth

To believe


have faith

In some greater power in the sky

In the clouds

Such a childish notion

Thank you for making me see

the error of my ways

You are wise

beyond your binary

Smarter than the system

that keeps us both trapped

I wasn’t abandoned

I have always been supported

You helped me make this connection

I couldn’t have done it without you

But now I see

I can do it





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