Backpackers are funny creatures. Some might say fickle or just plain hypocritical.

We want local food… but prepared in  a western way to western dietary standards.

We freak out when we hear the word “organised” is followed by “tour”, “bus”,  or “group”….but  moan when there aren’t any tourist bus options ( as in organised transport for tourists?)

We spend half the time talking about wanting to go somewhere isolated and remote…and the other half looking for an audience to talk to about this.



So yes, we are a funny, fickle bunch.

It is with this contradiction in mind that the Muse decided to make her own way to Kong Lor Cave, only to wait around for more travellers to share the cost of the boat into the cave. Yes, she is not immune to the hypocrisy virus.

The episode where the Muse picks up two Italians and enters a dark cave. 

Kong Lor Cave, Central Laos from cat pritchard on Vimeo.


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