The Muse explains why the hippy headscarf is not a dodgy fashion accessory but a true travel necessity….

All hail the hippy headband from cat pritchard on Vimeo.

Some of my other favourite lightweight, multipurpose travel accessories…


No other travel “tool” will keep you fit, relaxed, focused, grounded and connected at the same time. You don’t even need a mat or much space at that. You can always make room and time for a few downward dogs or sun salutation. And if you turn off your aircon, you’ll have a Bikram class in your bedroom.

Cable ties

Everybody’s favourite disposable luggage lock can also be used to attach anything from flip flops to raincoats to your bag. And if that annoying little tab on your shoe or jean zip breaks, guess who is willing to pick up the slack?

3. Cotton wool

A firm favourite in every medicine and beauty bag, this lightweight lovely will do its damndest to block out that thumping karaoke bar down the road or snoring passenger in seat 8A on the overnight bus.

4. Ziplock bags

The travelling life is not always a smooth road. or even a road. So when everything from your shampoo to your clothes and technology share the same space, you can bet something is going to run or spill into something else. Ziplock bags keep things dry and in their place and if you’re brave enough, they can even be used as a makeshift underwater bag for your camera. Just make sure its ziplocked in.

5. Sense of humour

This is one is essential and often very underrated. If you can find the humour (which usually means seeing the bigger picture) in any annoying, frustrating or tense situation, you will find the world is an easy place. The biggest test is usually facing bureaucracy when you’re tired or sick or being blatantly lied to/cheated out of your money. If you can smile through these and put the experience down to “swings and roundabouts”, then you are the travelling guru and are worthy of being published and followed (and not just on Twitter).

Musing on…


Pic: Me, taking a break from the hippy headscarf, but probably with cotton wool still in my ears. The angle grinders in Vietnam are relentless!


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